Our Denver Chiropractor is Back from the Springs and the 1-Page Health News…

I am back from a 4-Day Active Release Techniques (ART) advanced class in Colorado Springs. It was an awesome weekend learning new protocols that I’ve already started using in the office. If you need need us, call us @ 303.300.0424

Here is this week’s 1-Page Health News:

Mental Attitude: An Active Brain and Body May Stave Off Dementia. The findings of a multi-decade study involving over 800 Swedish women suggest that being more physically and mentally active in middle age is associated with a reduced risk for dementia in old age. Neurology, February 2019

Health Alert: New Way to Measure Vitamin D. Researchers from Trinity College Dublin and St. James’s Hospital report that human hair can be used to measure vitamin D. This is important, as traditional blood analysis captures only a moment in time, while hair can reflect vitamin D status over several months capturing the large seasonal differences in vitamin D status. Study co-author Dr. Martin Healy explains, “The finding that vitamin D can be measured in hair samples potentially opens up a new approach to epidemiological studies relating the vitamin to bone and non-bone related medical conditions which have been associated with its deficiency.” Nutrients, February 2019

Diet: Fish Oil During Pregnancy Offers Benefits to Kids. The results of a new study involving 171 mother-child pairs suggest that taking a daily 600mg DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) supplement during pregnancy may help protect kids from high blood pressure in childhood. The findings may lead to changes in the amount of DHA found in prenatal supplements, as current levels are usually much lower. JAMA Network Open, February 2019

Exercise: Unfit Teens More Likely to Be Disabled Later in Life. Staying fit during adolescence may pay dividends throughout life. In this study, researchers reviewed health data concerning 1,079,128 Swedish men from age 16 to about age 46 and found that those with poor cardiorespiratory fitness as they entered adulthood were over three times more likely to be out of the workforce due to disability by midlife. Annals of Internal Medicine, February 2019

Chiropractic: What Research Says About Manipulative Therapies… A recent article published in the American Family Physician notes that spinal manipulative therapy can provide short-term improvement in patients with acute or chronic low back pain and is comparable to other standard treatments. For patients with neck pain, the current research shows cervical manipulation/mobilization provides better short-term pain relief and improved function when compared with oral analgesics. The authors of the article add that manipulative therapies may be as effective as the prescription medication amitriptyline for managing patients with migraines. Doctors of chiropractic are highly skilled in the art of manipulation and mobilization techniques, which they utilize in the management of musculoskeletal conditions. American Family Physicians, February 2019

We have our latest video below for you: Neck stretches Level 1 and 2. You can watch it on our vimeo page by clicking the image below. If you prefer your videos on facebook you can use this link to get there:


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