“Training and racing triathlon is hard on the body. I race off-road triathlons, which beats me up even more. The pounding on the mountain bike, running on uneven ground and the occasional unexpected contact with the ground can knock my body out of alignment and leave me feeling quite uncomfortable. Dr. Glenn keeps me swimming, riding and running injury-free. I have been to several chiros over the years for adjustments and treatment for SI Joint pain. Dr. Glenn adds Active Release Technique (ART) to the equation and I’m feeling better than ever this year and my SI Joint pain has nearly vanished. I am a big fan of ART and Dr. Glenn, both are an integral piece of my regular training plan.”

Thank you for helping Kathy’s dream of racing in the Hawaii Ironman on her 50th birthday become a reality!

“I am enormously greatful for Dr. Glenn Hyman’s therapeutic care and I could not train and race triathlon without him. A little over a year ago, I underwent a major spinal fusion surgery. A.R.T. is a crucial aspect to my full recovery and continual physical maintenance. Triathlon (especially Xterra) beats up the body and I look forward to our weekly sessions that enable me to train the way I want to train. Thank you Glenn! I also appreciate the sessions with Kacee that equip me with practical and helpful stretches and exercises to do at home.”

“If you’re looking for a chiropractor, I highly recommend Dr. Glenn Hyman. I am consistently impressed with his ability to fix painful soft tissue injuries with just a few visits. His no-nonsense approach is a refreshing change is today’s healthcare environment. As a massage therapist for over 10 years, I know that I can refer clients to him and he’ll help them without wasting time and without dragging out their treatment. He’s an honest guy who likes helping people.”

“A few years ago I suffered a lower leg injury from running that resulted in much pain and frustration. After not being able to run for a few weeks, I visited numerous doctors who all told me the last thing any runner wants to hear “just stop running for 6 months”. Since “not running” wasn’t an option, I next visited two different physical therapists. Each time I was told 1) that they found nothing wrong with me 2) there was nothing they could do for me since they couldn’t find anything wrong with me!

Then one day I was reading an article in Sports Illustrated for Women that talked about the healing power of ART®, which led me to Dr. Glenn Hyman’s Office. From my first visit, Glenn was professional, honest, knowledgeable, and he told me there was no way I would have to stop running! After two treatments I was running again with little pain. After a few more treatments I was running a lot with no pain. Now anytime I feel something coming on, I meet with Glenn and he gets my body back on track. He has healed a troubled IT band, my hip flexors, and the original stress    fracture in my fibula. Since finding Glenn I have successfully completed a marathon, numerous half marathons and a half-Ironman – all pain/injury free! Thank you Glenn!”

“I’m not sure which story about Dr. Glenn I like to tell most when I meet people with sports related injuries. I could tell them how he helped me with my shoulder dislocations after surgery, or how he got me off crutches faster than I ever expected when I sprained my ankle. Or maybe it’s the story about how he erased the pain in my neck that was chronic for years. Those successes might come up, but I usually keep it simple and just tell everyone how when I seriously strained my quad, I thought I’d miss about 2 weeks of mountain biking. I limped into his office worried and bummed, and walked out feeling good and feeling relieved. I rode the next day. I refer friends and co-workers, and Dr. Glenn always fixes them up.”

“I’m a former WWE professional wrestler. After wrestling for over 9 years, I got hurt and had hip surgery. My healing process started back in Minnesota. I went through a lot of different forms of physical therapy. Every time I thought I was fully recovered, I would have a terrible set back. Not only was it frustrating, but I was constantly in pain. I thought this might be something that I would live with the rest of my life.

When I moved back to Colorado, everything came to a dead stop. I was in so much pain that I couldn’t even put on my pants. I knew I had to see someone but didn’t know who to turn to. I had gone through so many doctors, different forms of therapy, and massage. I was tired of the set backs and didn’t want to pay money to have it not work.

I found Dr. Glenn. He not only got me a speedy recovery but I have not had any problems since. This is the longest I have been able to go without pain. I appreciate Dr. Glenn and his wonderful neighbors, Serenity Now Massage, for getting me back on track.

Now I can wrestle at 100%, and I’m back to my other activities. I enjoy kickboxing, wrestling, training in the gym, and now Monster Truck driving! As you can tell I live a crazy lifestyle and an active one. These are all activities that are hard on the body and Dr. Glenn was the one to help me get back to them. If I have any further injuries (knock on wood), I definitely know who I will be going back to. Thank you, Dr. Glenn!”

“Since I did not stick the landing, my return to earth didn’t workout so well. My shattered foot: 4 broken bones, 5 hours of surgery, pins, plates and 3 months in a wheelchair (none weight bearing), not to mention a doctor with a grim look and “You’ve destroyed your foot”. He was not optimistic about my future.

I wasn’t willing to accept his outlook. When 3 months were up, I got the chance to test my foot. It was a stump. I spent the the next 3 months in passive therapy and with talk of orthotics and fusion surgeries. I would not describe myself as enthusiastic.

Along comes a referral for Dr. Glenn Hyman. 6 months had past since the accident,  the muscles in my foot and ankle were very weak and there was a lot of scar tissue. Glenn’s first words were: “Your foot is like cement.” There was almost  no flexibility or movement. My request for the future was to recover 95% of my normal foot-use, I was sitting in his office with about 25%. Seriously, my foot was a stump

For the next few months I visited Glenn, and he worked hard. At home I did the stretching and strengthening that he told me to. When I left his office November 2004 on our last visit we agreed I was at about 90%. I could walk on trails, ride my bike without much limitation. Now as I write this, I can tell  you I have reached 95%! I have just about no limitations. I run, hike, I play with my kids with little or no pain.

I know for a fact I would not have this privilege and this second chance if it were not for Glenn. He has also helped me with back, shoulder and neck problems. Did I mention Motocross and Supercross can take a toll on your body? I raced as a professional for several years and my visions of a more youthful time clouded my perception of reality on that September day in 2003. At 43 years old I’m lucky to be alive let alone walking. Glenn’s work is expert and specific. He is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about what he has to offer. I hope you have the same good fortune as I did (and still do).

Glenn: Thank You!!!”

“Everyone has aches and pains in life, and I have more than some. My motto has always been Carpe Diem, and I have taken the physical interpretation of this saying to heart. I have been involved with competitive horseback riding, skiing, mountain biking, climbing, and hiking, as well as weightlifting and martial arts. My body has done its best over the years to keep up with my ambitious mind, but my army of aches and pains began to slow me down.

I appreciate the care and discretion Glenn uses most of all. He has struck me as one of the most ethical doctors I have had the pleasure of seeing. He has never  been pushy, nor is he apathetic. He is not a salesman, and he does not bash other  people or ideas. He uses force when necessary, but not to excess. In short, Glenn gets the job done, and his work speaks for itself.”