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Training 4/19/2010 – Off day

I did nothing but see 19 patients today. And that’s my rest day. Tomorrow, lower body strength. I probably lift more that I should for these races, but I love the lifting and I’m not exactly in contention to win these races, so who cares? It’s supposed to be fun right?

Tri training 4/18/2010

Run day. 3 miles outside on “heart break hill.” This hill is on a greenbelt near my house. It borders several horse properties, and the horses love to watch the people go by. I think sometimes they are puzzled by how slow I am.  The weather was great, I felt great, and I wish every […]

Tri training 4/17/2010 full body strength

Kettlebell workout, including the following: Floor Press x 10 – 12 reps Heavy one-arm rows x 8 reps Alternating dumbells presses x 10 reps Alternating db curls One-arm kb snatch Double kb cleans Heavy swings (88lb Kettlebell) Pullups The above in giant set fashion (one exercise after another with minimal rest), 3 times through. I […]

Training 4/15/2010- Lower body training

Leg Stregth. I’m breaking out Steve Cotter’s Extreme Workout, Lower body today. This brutal workout, if done with heavy enough weight, is AWESOME. It cranks up the heart rate, makes you think your legs will never make it  and hits EVERYTHING in a functional way. It looks a little like this: Double Kettlebell Squats x […]

Triathon training 4/14/2010

Swim day. Except I’m not swimming yet. I’m feeling like I learned enough last season that I can post decent swim times without spending so much time in the damned indoor pool at Lifetime Fitness. It’s cold and cloudy and not much fun. Perhaps this strategy will be my downfall. So I’ll be doing Steve […]