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Yes, I’m still training – 7/6/2010

Ok, as expected, I fell behind in the blogging about the training. I will catch it up, I promise. I took today off after a long weekend of mountain biking, swimming, and bricks. I’m off all this week, with a mountain bike race at Winter Park on Saturday 7/10. After that, it’s Xterra Beaver Creek (sport) […]

Training 5/18/2010

Today was supposed to be another run day, but my soleii (soleuses?) are sore on both sides from the barefoot (in the Evos) hills on Sunday. So I hit the Steve Cotter Floor Core #1 followed by Steve Maxwell’s 300 Kettlebell challenge. Still amazed at how great a workout that is.

Xterra Triathlon Training 5/16/2010

Run Day. 6 miles with hill repeats. I have a perfect little crushed gravel path that .66 miles from my house. About 300 feet of gain and exactly .75 miles from gate to gate. It’s lined with thorough bred horses. Maybe I’ll take a pic. Anyway, this is the longest I’ve gone in the Terra […]

4/25/2010 Triathlon training

Gotta make up for lost time today. Bike / Swim Day 60 mins on the bike (my 29er on the bike paths since the dirt is mud around here after 3 days of rain. Then off to the pool to do 800, broken up in to various 50’s and 100’s per Kathy Alfino’s instruction (www.milehighmultisport.com)

Training 4/20/2010 – Leg strength day

Leg Stregth. I’m breaking out Steve Cotter’s Extreme Workout, Lower body today. This brutal workout, if done with heavy enough weight, is AWESOME. It cranks up the heart rate, makes you think your legs will never make it  and hits EVERYTHING in a functional way. It looks a little like this: Double Kettlebell Squats x […]