Ankle sprain / calf injury while training for the Denver Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon

I had a patient call the office in a panic today.

She’s been training for her first marathon – the Denver Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon. Today, during a 15-mile run she felt some calf and ankle pain.

“I found Dr. Hyman after doing a google search. Can he help?”

Well of course, the answer is yes. Using Active Release Technique here at Denver Chiropractic Center, I treat ankle and calf pain all of the time.

These issues usually arise from cumulative trauma – the normal damage that occurs from training. Basically, if an ankle and/or calf is unstable, forces are not  properly absorbed. This causes damage to soft tissues,scar tissue formation, and eventually painful dysfunction.

There are two ways to deal with this. 1. Call 303.300.0424 and make an appointment as soon as you notice symptoms. I have saved many a race at the last minute. Don’t let calf pain ruin your race.

2. Do some preventative stability work and prevent this from happening in the first place. I covered this in detail in my January 2010 patient newsletter. You can download it here:

(If Brett Favre had this information, he wouldn’t be dealing with ankle problems right now. If you know him, go ahead and forward. I like to see guys (almost) as old as me do well in the NFL!)

Anyway, we have plenty of time to get this racer to the start line. No worries.

Happy training!