Update on my triathlon training

I’ve been taking some time away from swimming and biking, but still doing some running. Mostly, I’ve been hitting the kettlbell pretty hard.

I bought a DVD about improving your VO2 max with the kettlebell snatch & this weekend I finally watched. Very interesting.

In a nutshell: You set a 2-second cadence with the kettlebell snatch, so one rep every two seconds. This amounts to essentially non-stop snatching.  You do 15 seconds of this with 15 seconds of rest. For 25 minutes.

Absolutely brutal. A Danish study showed that this was more effective than intense running or biking for increasing VO2 max. How will this affect my triathlon training? Well, hopefully it will increase my VO2 max. Stay tuned…

Interested in learning more? Well, kettlebell class just might be returning soon.