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Our Denver Chiropractors discuss: Shoulder Pain & Where to Start

Dr. Samantha Leger and Dr. Glenn Hyman walk you through what you can do when you injure your shoulder. Dr. Samantha evaluates Dr. Glenn’s shoulder injury from a mountain bike crash and shows you how you can tell if you need immediate medical attention. The doctors also show you which rehab exercises you can start […]

Our Denver Chiropractor is available for necessary treatments

NOTE- We are currently available for necessary treatments. This means treatment for an injury or painful problem, or to keep your problem from getting worse. Denver Chiropractic offices have been declared essential / critical businesses by the City of Denver, State of Colorado, and Department of Homeland security. We will require that each patient attest […]

Denver Chiropractic Center Covid-19 update

We have great concern and empathy for everyone who is dealing with this difficult and unprecedented viral pandemic, both locally and globally. We do intend to keep our office open during this Covid-19 crisis. (Of course if any federal or state government entities order that we close, we will.) As we stay open we are […]