Guess who won Xterra Indian Peaks & What’s that moose doing there?

This past weekend was a busy one for the staff here at Denver Chiropractic Center. I (Glenn) headed up to Eldora ski resort for the Xterra Indian Peaks Off-Road Triathlon on Saturday. As we were lining up to jump into the 60 degree water for the swim, a big ol’ moose came lumbering down to take a drink from the lake.

Luckily the moose just stuck to his or her own business, and the race went off as planned. I took over 37 minutes off of my previous time at Eldora (in 2008, when I finished dead last). I went from 4:01 to 3:24. Far from great, but much better. So I was happy.

My friend, coach, and Xterra pro Cody Waite won the whole darned thing with a ridiculously fast 1:49 (Cody did the whole race in less time than it took me to ride the bike course.)

Cody Waite and his wife Kathy own Endurance Performance Coaching, the official training partner of Denver Chiropractic Center. If you’re looking for a coach, Cody and Kathy are both great athletes and great people. Get more info on their company at their website.

Next up for me (still Glenn) is Xterra Lory at Horsetooth Reservoir on August 26th.

Meanwhile, Dr. Stripling and Keri were hard at work helping out at the Boulder Half Ironman (70.3) all weekend long. Jeff worked on lots and lots of athletes, and assisted at the finish. Keri kept all of the on-site ART tent running smoothly, and also helped out at the finish. Congratulations to our many patients who did this race.

And here is this week’s 1-Page Health Update:

Mental Attitude: Stress and Violence. Children exposed to community violence exhibit a physical stress response for up to a year, suggesting that exposure to violence may have negative long-term health consequences. In the short-term, violence is linked with aggression, depression, post-traumatic stress symptoms and academic and cognitive difficulties. Journal of Adolescent Health, July 2012

Health Alert: Health Care Costs For Kids. In 2010, per capita spending on children’s health care increased to $2,123 (an 18.6% increase from 2007), with spending on health care for infants and toddlers being noted as disproportionately high. Even though children below the age of 3 made up 17% of the covered child population, they cost the 31.4% of the total amount for children’s health care, with per capita spending reaching $3,896 in 2010. Health Care Cost Institute, July 2012

Diet: Eating Fish! Regular fish consumption can decrease colorectal cancer risk by 12%. American Journal of Medicine, June 2012

Exercise: Eat Less, Move More, and Live Longer. In a study on dietary restriction (DR) involving fruit flies, the flies that were also physically active experienced longer lives. This study establishes a link between DR-mediated metabolic activity in muscle, increased movement and the benefits derived from restricting nutrients. Flies on DR who could not move or had inhibited fat metabolism in their muscle did not exhibit an extended lifespan. If this finding extends to humans, then simply restricting nutrients without physical activity may not increase longevity. Cell Metabolism, July 2012.

Quote: “If parents pass enthusiasm along to their children, they will leave them an estate of incalculable value.” ~Thomas A. Edison