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Getting ready for the Creek

Xterra Beaver Creek is this Saturday & I’m gearing up. I’m pretty sure I can knock a bunch of time off of last year, so we’ll see.

I may try to get out for an easy ride today. We’ll see

Training July 13, 2010

Still kind of beat up from the ass kicking I took up at WInter Park. So I went for a slow 5-mile run just to get everything moving. Nothing seems to hurt during the run, so that’s a good thing.

Training 7/9-7/11/2010

Ok, on Friday 7/9/10, I did a “quick” 1600 meters in the pool. Strange as it may sound, I think the swim is now my strongest of the three. I guess that’s because they can’t make me swim uphill in the races.

Saturday 7/10/10 – Winter Park Valley Point-to-Point Mountain bike race. That sounds really cool. The race was about 18 miles over some fairly sttep and rocky stuff. I got caught in a pretty big downour which turned the course muddy and slippery. And so I crashed a lot. Finished second to last amongst the men-folk. In other words, kinda got my ass kicked.

I’m seriously thinking about getting a road bike and starting to do some tris down here in Denver.

Sunday 7/11/2010 – Took a day ‘off’ and lifted. Needed some upper body work to match the soreness in my legs from the bike crashes.

Bike fit at Retul was awesome!!!

Glenn Hyman Retul Santa Cruz

 Here I am getting the bike fit at Retul today. Todd Carver spent an hour and a half with me.

What a great experience. Check out www.retul.com . Thanks Todd!

Yes, I’m still training – 7/6/2010

Ok, as expected, I fell behind in the blogging about the training. I will catch it up, I promise.

I took today off after a long weekend of mountain biking, swimming, and bricks. I’m off all this week, with a mountain bike race at Winter Park on Saturday 7/10. After that, it’s Xterra Beaver Creek (sport) on 7/17, Xterra Indian Peaks 8/8, and Xterra Lory 8/29. Then it’s onto kettlebells and lifting season.

Tomorrow I’m bringing the Superlight to Retul for a bike fit with Todd Carver (www.retul.com). If you’re in Winter Park on Saturday, look fo the slow gut in the Jolly Roger jersey.

Training 5/18/2010

Today was supposed to be another run day, but my soleii (soleuses?) are sore on both sides from the barefoot (in the Evos) hills on Sunday.

So I hit the Steve Cotter Floor Core #1 followed by Steve Maxwell’s 300 Kettlebell challenge. Still amazed at how great a workout that is.

Xterra Triathlon Training 5/17/2010

Time to do some upper body stuff today, as the legs are smoked from the weekend. P90x Upper +.

It’s a great workout. Follow up with Steve Cotter Core workout.

Xterra Triathlon Training 5/16/2010

Run Day.

6 miles with hill repeats. I have a perfect little crushed gravel path that .66 miles from my house. About 300 feet of gain and exactly .75 miles from gate to gate. It’s lined with thorough bred horses. Maybe I’ll take a pic.

Anyway, this is the longest I’ve gone in the Terra Plana Evos and felt frickin’ great.

Bike and swim- Xterra training 5/15/2010

F%$# F&^% F!@#

After schlepping my Superlight down to Treads in parker to fix the ghost shifting problem, I now have a not-shifting problem in the back. So I bascially but in about 4 miles on a 3 speed and came home.

Luckily, I couldn’t sell the Fisher 29er, so I’ll take that out on the flat stuff for about an hour and a half.

Update after riding: OK- the 29er still rocks. Glad I couldn’t sell it. Damn that thing is FAST. If only I could handle it in the technical stuff.

Anyway, loose derailleur cable, which I am ashamed to admit I didn’t figure out on my own. Now, off to the pool w family for a quick 1500.

Training 4/26/2010

Day off!

But I’m still seeing 21 patients and then doing a talk for the Parker Tri Club. www.parkertriclub.com