Return of the Kettlebell (2011)

Update – Dragondoor says I’d have to start back at Level 1, which I think is ridiculous. So I’m not sure I’m going to bother recertfiying with them. Have the swing, clean, snatch, press, get up, and squat changed so much that I need to pay $1800 to re-learn them?

Original post:

I’ve decided that I am going to renew my kettlebell certification next year in at the RKC . The requirements are kids of tough. 100 snatches with the 53 pound kettlebell in 5 minutes. Clean and press the kettlebell closest to 1/2 of my bodyweight (the 88lb bell). A strict pullup with a 53 pounder hanging on my foot. Double kb jerks with two 53 pounders. Sounds like fun! April, 2011: plenty of time to train.

I’m skipping Xterra Indian Peaks this weekend to attend a Selective Functional Movement Assesment workshop. This will help me do an even better job helping all of you.