This week’s 1-page newsletter from the Chiropractors @ Denver Chiropractic Center

I don’t know about you, but I love spring weather here. On Sunday I was slaving away in the heat hauling dirt out of the garden, and today I needed boots to get through the parking lot. Ah, spring. Love it.

As outdoor sports season is ramping up, just remember we’re here for you if something starts hurting. If you happen to ride the Cherry Creek Trail you may see the Denver Chiropractic Center bike jersey, so make sure you say hi!

I (Glenn) will be on vacation next week, so if you’ve been thinking about coming in, give us a call. Dr. Stripling will be here covering for me next week (and seeing his patients as well). My kids are in a year-round school, so they get a 3-week spring break. Can you imagine?

And here’s this week’s health news for you. 

Mental Attitude: Memory and Stress. Anyone who has ever experienced chronic stress knows it can take a toll on both your emotions and your ability to think clearly.Researchers have discovered a neural mechanism that directly links repeated stress with impaired memory. This study also provides critical insight into why stressresponses can act as a trigger for mental illnesses. Neuron, March 2012

Diet: Rosemary Essential Oil On My Mind? Blood levels of a rosemary oilcomponent correlate with improved cognitive performance. Results indicate, for thefirst time in human subjects, that concentration of 1,8-cineole in the blood is relatedto an individual’s cognitive performance, with higher concentrations resulting inimproved performance. Both speed and accuracy were improved, suggesting thatthe relationship is not describing a speed-accuracy trade off. Therapeutic Advancesin Psychopharmacology, March 2012

Exercise: Yoga And Stress. Yoga may be effective for stress-related psychologicaland medical conditions such as depression, anxiety, high blood pressure andcardiac disease. The theory could be used to develop specific mind-body practicesfor the prevention and treatment of these conditions in conjunction with standardtreatments. Medical Hypotheses, March 2012

Wellness/Prevention: Irregular Heartbeat? An irregular heartbeat, atrial fibrillation, is a strong predictor of cognitive decline and the loss of independence in daily activities in older people at risk of cardiovascular disease. This is just another good reason to maintain your heart health and get checked to prevent heart problems. (note – Glenn will have more to say about heart health soon, having just found out his cholesterol was 259 and some early plaquing has developed in his left carotid artery.) Canadian Medical Association Journal, March 2012

Quote: “The more serious the illness, the more important it is for you to fight back,mobilizing all your resources – spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical.” ~Norman Cousins