Dr. Glenn Hyman’s Denver Chiropractic Center- kind words from a real patient

Starting last May, I was in ridiculous pain around my neck, shoulders and back. I had no idea why and, being a person who likes to give pain a nice long time to go away on its own, I didn’t seek help.  But I was growing more miserable. Finally, I went in for a massage… and had three more after that, with very little relief. I then went to my primary care doctor who took an x-ray, declared everything “fine,” and gave me Vicodin. I took one of those to help me sleep one night but vowed not to take any more. Still, I was becoming depressed over the pain and my inability to resolve it. I began losing hope.

Finally, I sought your care. And I SWEAR I will never, ever allow myself to suffer like that again because now I know the solution.  In the very first visit, you not only reduced the pain but you also restored my optimism!  I had hope that I could get better!  In just three more visits, the pain was utterly gone. I had my life and spunk back. I could exercise again. I could function comfortably and be the mom/wife/writer/person I wanted to be!

Pain can be so isolating and depressing. I just can’t thank you enough for helping me to emerge from it!