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Mental Attitude: Music Can Make You Feel Powerful.
Northwestern University researchers have found that individuals who listened to music with heavy bass reported higher feelings of power and formed more power-related words in a word-completion task compared with those who listened to music with less bass. Researcher Dennis Hsu writes, “Although significantly more research needs to be done before we can truly begin to understand music’s effects on our psychological experiences, I believe our findings provide initial evidence for the potential strategic use of music, especially in situations where people need to feel empowered.”
Social Psychological & Personality Science, August 2014

Health Alert: Elder Abuse Often Involves Finances.
According to researchers, many older adults have had their money or property stolen or used improperly at some point, and unfortunately, this abuse often occurs at the hands of their relatives. Older people are vulnerable to various forms of abuse, as they are often socially isolated or may be experiencing cognitive decline. Experts warn that doctors, policy makers, and caregivers need to pay more attention to this issue to prevent this form of elderly abuse.
Journal of General Internal Medicine, August 2014

Diet: Avocado Helps Vitamin A Intake.
Consuming a fresh avocado with foods like tomatoes and carrots helps the body more efficiently (from 6 to 12 times, in fact) convert the alpha and beta carotenes found in such produce into vitamin A. Finding ways to decrease vitamin A deficiency in developing countries is important, as it is the most common cause of blindness in such nations.
The Journal of Nutrition, August 2014

Exercise: Water-Based Exercise Bicycle as Good a Land-Based Exercise.
Biking, running, or walking can be difficult and painful for individuals who are overweight, have arthritis, or suffer from other joint issues. A recent study found that people who used an immersible bike in a pool experienced the same exercise-related benefits as those who used a stationary bike on dry land. Considering the number of people who find it difficult to exercise on land, the water option is very promising.
Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, October 2012

Chiropractic: Whole Body Vibration Increases Back Pain Risk.
A review of twenty previously published studies regarding the relationship between whole body vibration (WBV) exposure at work and low back pain and sciatica found that employees in jobs with frequent exposure to WBV are more than twice as likely to experience localized or radiating back pain.
International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health, August 2014

Wellness/Prevention: Exposure to Common Antibacterials Poses Dangers to Fetus.
There is a growing body of evidence that some compounds commonly used in antibacterial soaps, such as triclosan and triclocarban, can cause reproductive and developmental problems in animals and may pose the same risk in humans. Researchers tested urine samples from pregnant women and found triclosan was present in all the samples, while triclocarban was found in 85% of the urine tests. Half of umbilical cord blood samples indicated the presence of triclosan and the presence of triclocarban was also detected but to a lesser degree, meaning that both compounds are capable of transferring from mother to child in utero.
American Chemical Society Annual Meeting, August 2014