Denver Active Release Techniques providers- make sure you get what you pay for!

I just got done treating a new patient who was very angry with another provider.

You see, this person advertises that she is an Active Release provider. So when the patient went to see her, the provider said, “well, I’m not really certified, but I do the same things.”

This particular patient has been seeing ART providers all over the country (she travels a lot for work). She knows Active Release. And she knows that the Denver provider she saw was not a Denver Active Release Techniques provider, regardless of the advertising.

After her bad experience, she called the ART office and asked who are the most credentialed ART providers in town. There are 2 of them, myself, and my good friend Dr. Michelle Clark. In my humble opinion, the two of us are your best options. (We practice separately.)

Regardless, before you make an appointment with someone who advertises that they do Active Release, go to, click on find a provider, and enter that provider’s name in the box. If the provider’s name doesn’t come up, he or she probably isn’t certified (you can also call their toll free number to verify, it’s on the site).

You can also search by zip code. The locator will pull up certified providers. Then look for the little squares which indicate which ART certifications each provider has completed. The ones with the most squares are the ones who have done the most work to improve their ART skills. In this world of internet advertising, anyone can say anything they want. Make sure you get what you’re paying for by doing your homework up front.

Active Release is great, and we hope you find a provider who can help you.