Denver’s most credentialed Active Release Provider & only Denver Active Release instructor, Dr. Glenn Hyman.

It’s hard to believe, but in August, 2000 – 11 years ago – I got my first ART certification. In November, 2000, I went to Toronto to get my second. I remember getting heckled by Canadians over the Bush-Gore election mess.

Now it’s 11 years later, I’m proud that I’m the only Active Release Instructor in Denver (I was invited by Dr. Mike Leahy, the ART founder, to become an instructor in 2002). Tomorrow – August 5 – I’ll be completing the newest Active Release course, Active Palpation Technique. I presently have every credential offered by Active Release except this brand new course. And I’m proud of that.

The truth is that others take a few ART classes, and then loudly advertise that they are ART providers. But that doesn’t mean that they base their practices on Active Release like I do, or like my associate Dr. Jeff Stripling does, or like my friend, colleague and competitor Dr. Michelle Clark does.

Sure, at Denver Chiropractic Center we also use chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy, but it all starts with ART. In fact, today I saw a new patient who was upset with her experience with another Active Release provider in Denver. This person advertises ART, and she went to see him for ART. But when she went, he did X-rays and adjusted her. When she asked for ART, he curtly told her that she didn’t need Active Release.

We don’t do that at our clinic. At Denver Chiropractic Center, we are an Active Release practice, and every patient gets Active Release, every time. If you’re looking for the most credentialed ART doc in Denver, and the only instructor in town, at a clinic that puts Active Release first, give us a call at 303.300.0424.