Dr. Glenn Hyman’s Denver Chiropractic Center: Kacee, Pikes Peak & the “Brettzle Stretch”

This week Kacee is getting ready to run the full Pikes Peak Marathon this coming Sunday. This sounds like a brutal marathon with 7000 ft over the first 13.1 miles followed by 7000 ft of descending over the next 13.1 miles. Go Kacee!


This week’s video shows you how to open up your chest and thoracic spine so you can breathe better. Seems like a good thing to get better at – breathing. Right? Just click on the video below, and you’ll be magically transported to our youtube channel where the video will play.


One more thing: we’re back in the office on Fridays starting this week, so if you need to see us, call us @ 303.300.0424