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~ Neil Gaiman

Mental Attitude: Advanced Math & Reading in Kindergarten Improves School Performance.
Regardless of economic background, a new study finds that exposing kindergarteners to more challenging math and reading content during their early education results in better performance in those subjects later in childhood.
American Educational Research Journal, March 2014

Health Alert: Drug-Resistant Bacterial Infections on the Rise.
Researchers report that antibiotic-resistant bacteria are infecting an increasing number of children in the United States. Though this type of infection is still rare, the researchers say it is increasingly found in children, predominantly those between the ages of one and five years old. Lead author Dr. Latania K. Logan adds, “These antibiotic-resistant bacteria have traditionally been found in health care settings but are increasingly being found in the community, in people who have not had a significant history of health care exposure.”
Journal of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society, March 2014

Diet: Does Diet Cause Depression?
Like heart disease, depression is associated with low-grade inflammation, endothelial dysfunction, and worse lipid profiles that suggest a poor diet as an underlying cause. Existing research has shown increased fast food consumption is associated with a greater risk for depression. On the other hand, the Mediterranean diet has been observed to reduce depressive symptoms. According to researcher Dr. Almudena Sanchez-Villegas, “It is difficult to be sure that the diet is responsible for depression – it could be that depressed people make bad food choices. Other study problems include ‘confounders’ which may influence dietary habits, such as marital status, exercise, alcohol (or smoking), medical conditions and social networks. Or simply genetics. To address these issues we need long-term, randomized clinical studies similar to ones successfully conducted for diet and cardiovascular disease risk. Only then will we really understand the impact of diet of depression.”
BMC Medicine, January 2013

Exercise: Kids Should Play More Than One Sport!
A report published by the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine recommends children avoid early sport specialization as it may increase their risk for overuse injuries and burnout. Overuse-related injuries account for 50% of sports injuries among youth athletes.
American Medical Society for Sports Medicine, January 2014

Chiropractic: Maintenance Care Recommended.
Chiropractors often recommend periodic visits to identify joint dysfunction and make corrections with skilled spinal manipulation or Active Release Techniques (if the doc is certified, of course;). These maintenance treatments are thought to prevent disease of both neuromusculoskeletal and visceral causes.
Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, January 2000

Wellness/Prevention: Vitamin A Intake During Pregnancy Affects Child’s Immunity.
An animal study involving mice has found that vitamin A deficiency during pregnancy leads to smaller lymph nodes and Peyer’s patches in offspring. Lymph nodes and Peyer’s patches are important components of the immune system and as a result, the vitamin A-deprived offspring in the study were more susceptible to viral infections later in life. The researchers further noted that giving vitamin A to deprived offspring failed to reverse the impact of deficiency during pregnancy.
Immunology, March 2014