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This is too cool to not share, but my wife Meredith and our baby sitter Meaghan worked hard to make our Lego costumes for Halloween. I am Lego Captain America. Meredith is Lego Ironman. And Meaghan is Lego Spider Man. A safe and happy Halloween to all!


Health Alert: Evidence Shows Steroids in Waterways.
Recent research has discovered that common livestock steroids do not fully break down in water as previously believed. Researchers are working to understand the environmental effect of this class of drugs on species that rely on rivers and streams near cattle ranches.
University of Iowa, September 2013

Diet: The Effects of Soy and Whey Protein Consumption on Resistance Training.
A small study looked at the effects of consuming either soy or whey protein prior to resistance training. For fourteen days, male participants consumed either 20g of whey protein, soy protein, or a placebo and then performed six sets of squats at ten reps per set using 80% of their maximum lifting weight. Blood tests showed soy protein appeared to lower serum testosterone levels and whey protein appeared to blunt the effect of the stress hormone cortisol in the body.
Journal of the American College of Nutrition, October 2013

Exercise: When Soccer Injuries Occur…
Researchers have found that soccer injuries are more likely to occur if a player’s team is winning, if the player is a forward (an attacking player), after a yellow or red card is issued against the other team, or as the number of free kicks (a kick right after a foul) increases. According to the study’s co-author, Dr. Jaakko Ryynänen, “The ability to recognize periods of matches (games) when the injury incidence is high may be important in terms of preventive measures.”
University of Gothenburg, October 2013

Chiropractic: Heads Up!
If your head is in a forward posture, it can add up to 30 lbs (~13 kg) of abnormal leverage on the cervical spine (neck). In time, this can pull the entire spine out of alignment. Forward head posture may even result in the loss of up to 30% of vital lung capacity. These breath-related effects are primarily due to the loss of the cervical lordosis (the inward curve of the cervical spine), which blocks the action of the inferior hyoid muscle responsible for helping lift the first rib during inhalation.
Rene Cailliet, M.D., January 1996

Chiropractic again: Adjustments Effective After Low Back Surgery.
A review of 32 patients who received chiropractic care after lumbar spine surgery revealed improvements in pain levels with no adverse effects.
Journal Of Manipulative Physiological Therapy, July 2011