Denver Chiropractic Center presents: Health news for you, including updates on Low Back Pain and Active Release

Recent Health Research Update. Many of you told me you loved the research updates. So, here you go:

Mental Attitude: Sleep Well. People who sleep 6-9 hours per night had higher self-reported scores for quality of life and lower scores for depression severity when compared to short (<6 hours per night) and long sleepers (>9 hours per night). Researchers were surprised that both sleeping less than 6 hours and more than 9 hours was associated with a similar decrease in quality of life and increase in depressive symptoms. American Academy of Sleep Medicine, August 2011

Health Alert: Depressing Statistics. Depression can affect a person’s ability to work, their ability to form relationships, and it can also destroy their quality of life. 15% of the population from high-incomecountries (compared to 11% for low/middle-income countries) is likely to become depressed at some point in life. Women are twice as likely to suffer depression as men, and the loss of a partner, whether from death, divorce or separation, was a main contributing factor. BMC Medicine, July 2011

Diet: Breastfeed Babies. Babies fed only on breast milk up to the age of 6 months have a lower risk of developing asthma-related symptoms in early childhood. Compared to children who were breastfed for 6 months or more, children who had never received breast milk had an increased risk of wheezing, shortness of breath, dry cough and persistent phlegm in their first 4 years. European Lung Foundation, July 2011

Exercise: Muscle Mass and Type 2 Diabetes Risk. Higher muscle mass, relative to one’s body size, is closely linked to superior insulin sensitivity and a lower risk of developing pre-diabetes or full diabetes type 2. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, July 2011

Chiropractic/Active Release: Cost Effective. A review of treatments endorsed in American Pain Society and American College of Physicians guidelines found spinal manipulation was cost-effective forsubacute and chronic low back painEuropean Spine Journal, January 2011

Wellness/Prevention: Sleep Well Again. Interrupted sleep impairs memory, as a minimum amount ofcontinuous sleep is crucial for memory consolidation. Researchers found memory was unaffected if the average duration of sleep was maintained at 62-73% of normal. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, July 2011

Quote: “When we are well, we all have good advice for those who are ill.” ~ Terrence, 166 BC

Active Release TechniquesDid you know that Active Release Techniques is great for low back pain? The muscles and ligaments of the low back are almost always involved in low back pain. By releasing the scar tissue in these structures, restoring spinal mobility with adjustments, and getting you on a targeted rehab program, we can often get rid he problem in around 8 visits. While I’m not a formal researcher, I have 13 years of clinical experience that tells me that this approach works! If you’re hurting, call us today. 303.300.0424.