Month: July 2010

Xterra Beaver Creek 2010

Me - happy to have beaten Dave
Me – happy to have beaten Dave ūüėČ

Xterra Beaver Creek (sport course for me) was this weekend. I hung out with and raced with my buddy Dave Kupernik and his friend Tom.

Dave and I have a little buddy rivalry developing, and even though we’re friends, we made no secret of the fact we were gunning for each other. By the way, Dave is the BEST realtor I know and can be reached at

For me, the weekend started by packing up the family (Meredith and all 3 boys) and heading up to the Westin in Avon. Packet pick up and the usual Friday night Beaver Creek festivities followed. Took my older two sons – Andrew (5) and Jason (almost 3) to the hottub for some late night swimming.

For some reason, I couldn’t sleep friday night, tossing and turning. I got about 4 hours of sleep and was up bright and early to set up my transition areas.

The swim was in Nottingham lake in Avon, about 2 blocks from the hotel. Start time was around 8:30.  When the gun went off, I wished Dave & Tom luck and hit the water. The lake was warm, about 68 degrees & I swam at 16:47.

Off to the bike course I went. Even though it’s just a 9 mile course, there was about 2200 feet of climbing. It’s pretty much all suffering for the first 3 or 4 miles, then a fast and moderately rocky downhill. I finished the bike in 1:45:51.

The run seems like just as much climbing as the bike (really only 600 feet). I got lost on the course last year, but there was a dude to direct us at that spot this year. I was slow on the run, managing to cover the 3 miles in 41:26 (really, it’s a lot of uphill).

Total time 2:50:12.2. That’s¬†22 minutes faster than last year. I’m not trying to imply that I’m good at this, but I am getting better. Dave finished only 5 minutes behind me after giving up 13 minutes on the swim. He’s a stronger biker and runner than I am, so I have to keep working on that swim. He’s going to be back with a vengenance in 2011. Anyway, after the race, it was back to the westin for some fun with the family at the pool. That hotel is awesome, and I highly recommend it.

Training 7/9-7/11/2010

Ok, on Friday 7/9/10, I did a “quick” 1600 meters in the pool. Strange as it may sound, I think the swim is now my strongest of the three. I guess that’s because they can’t make me swim uphill in the races.

Saturday 7/10/10 – Winter Park Valley Point-to-Point Mountain bike race. That sounds really cool. The race was about 18 miles over some fairly sttep and rocky stuff. I got caught in a pretty big downour which turned the course muddy and slippery. And so I crashed a lot. Finished second to last amongst the men-folk. In other words, kinda got my ass kicked.

I’m seriously thinking about getting a road bike and starting to do some tris down here in Denver.

Sunday 7/11/2010 – Took a day ‘off’ and lifted. Needed some upper body work to match the soreness in my legs from the bike crashes.

Yes, I’m still training – 7/6/2010

Ok, as expected, I fell behind in the blogging about the training. I will catch it up, I promise.

I took today off after a long weekend of mountain biking, swimming, and bricks. I’m off all this week, with a mountain bike race at Winter Park on Saturday 7/10. After that, it’s Xterra¬†Beaver Creek (sport) on 7/17, Xterra Indian Peaks 8/8, and Xterra Lory 8/29. Then it’s onto kettlebells and lifting season.

Tomorrow I’m bringing the Superlight to Retul for a bike fit with Todd Carver ( If you’re in Winter Park on Saturday, look fo the slow gut in the Jolly Roger jersey.