Bike and swim- Xterra training 5/15/2010

F%$# F&^% F!@#

After schlepping my Superlight down to Treads in parker to fix the ghost shifting problem, I now have a not-shifting problem in the back. So I bascially but in about 4 miles on a 3 speed and came home.

Luckily, I couldn’t sell the Fisher 29er, so I’ll take that out on the flat stuff for about an hour and a half.

Update after riding: OK- the 29er still rocks. Glad I couldn’t sell it. Damn that thing is FAST. If only I could handle it in the technical stuff.

Anyway, loose derailleur cable, which I am ashamed to admit I didn’t figure out on my own. Now, off to the pool w family for a quick 1500.