Training 4/20/2010 – Leg strength day

Leg Stregth.

I’m breaking out Steve Cotter’s Extreme Workout, Lower body today. This brutal workout, if done with heavy enough weight, is AWESOME. It cranks up the heart rate, makes you think your legs will never make it  and hits EVERYTHING in a functional way. It looks a little like this:

  • Double Kettlebell Squats x 8
  • Semi-stiff-legged deadlifts x 10 (dumbbells)
  • One leg KB stiff leg deadlifts x 5l/5r
  • Step-ups x 8l/8r onto a high stepladder
  • Weighted back lunges (holding 2 heavy dumbells)
  • Calf-raise squats (fast)
  • Heavy swings (88lb KB)

Circuit style, 3 times through, barefoot. Heavy today. Felt great. 25 Patients on the schedule today.

By the way, I bought me a Magic Bullet Blender (as seen on TV)

Product Details

Every night I have a smoothie with whey protein, fresh berries, plain yogurt and a banana. Delicious. I pop a multi-mineral, some fish oil capsules, and go to bed. Just FYI.