The doctors at Denver Chiropractic Center can help you get rid of shin splints.

Shin splints can take the fun out of running or walking. The standard treatment usually involves stretching and exercising the muscle. This is approach often does not help. Shin splints usually comes from scar tissue build-up in the muscles of the lower leg. As they become shorter from overuse, the tension increases on their attachments to the bones. The attachments can be very painful.

How does this happen?

The working of the muscles of the lower leg are quite complex. Problems in one muscle will affect others. Over-use of these muscles can lead to build-up of scar tissue. This shortens the muscles and increases the pull on the their attachments to the bone. This can be quite painful. In order to get rid of this, the scar tissue must be released by hand.

How do Dr. Hyman and Dr. Stripling treat shin splints?

The tension on the muscle attachments must be released in order to get rid of this painful condition. Treating shin splints starts with examining the muscles that have become short, stiff and painful. There are often very specific regions of the muscle that have built-up scar tissue. A trained provider can feel these by hand.

I will identify the muscles involved and work to restore their normal state. I do this by applying gentle tension the involved muscle and combining that with specific movements. This is known as Active Release Technique® ®, which I am certified to provide.

Once the cause of the problem has been resolved, I will give you specific advice and stretches to keep it from returning. Cases of shin splints often improve with just a few treatments, regardless of how long the patient has had the problem.

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