The doctors at Denver Chiropractic Center can help you with Foot Pain and Ankle Sprains.

Do you have foot pain?

Plantar fasciitis is a commonly diagnosed problem that can be difficult to treat effectively. We sometimes see runners in our office who have spent literally thousands of dollars on shoes, orthotics, and various other things in an attempt to stop their feet from hurting..

There are several structures in your foot that can become painful. The plantar fascia is just one of them. These include the plantar aponeurosis (a broad tendon in your foot) and several different muscles. Any of these can become short, stiff and painful. Muscles in the shin that attach to the foot (like the tibialis anterior and posterior, flexor digitorum longus, etc.) can also be involved.

How does this happen?

The working of the muscles of the foot and lower leg are quite complex. Problems in one muscle will usually affect others. Over-use of these muscles can lead to build-up of scar tissue. This shortens the muscles and increases the pull on the their attachments to the bone. This can be quite painful. In order to get rid of this, the scar tissue must be released by hand.

How do Dr. Hyman and Dr. Stripling treat foot pain?

Treating foot pain starts with examining the muscles and other structures that have become short, stiff and painful. There are often very specific regions of the muscle that have built-up scar tissue. Our doctors can feel these by hand.

We will identify the muscles involved and restore their normal state. We do this by applying gentle tension the involved muscle and combining that with specific movements. This is known as Active Release Technique®, which I am certified to provide. Recent research indicates that spinal dysfunction and poor mobility can lead to poor motor control. This means that spinal adjustments may be helpful to restore normal movement habits and take stress off of the foot. Restoring spinal alignment and mobility is often the key to keeping these problems from coming back.

Once the cause of the problem has been resolved, we will give you specific advice and stretches to keep it from returning. Cases of foot pain often resolve in 8-12 visits in our office. If you are putting up with this problem, you should have us evaluate it as soon as possible.

What about ankle sprains?

Ankles sprain when ligaments are torn, usually after “rolling” the ankle. The degree of tearing can range from minor, with some soreness, all the way to severe, which can sometimes require surgery. We treat both non-surgical and post surgical ankle sprains at Denver Chiropractic Center. The healing process involves scar tissue which lays down in all different directions. Without realigning that scar tissue, ankles are less resilient and more likely to sprain again. We use Active Release to restore proper ligamentous function, and also address the muscles that control the foot.

Again, spinal dysfunction can lead to poor motor control. This is what causes many ankles to roll in the first place. Spinal adjusting can be an important part of correcting ankle problems. As your ankle improves, we’ll provide you with specific exercises to reduce the likelihood of re-injury.

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