Video: Hate planks? Try them with the Tabata Protocol!

Make sure this is appropriate for you by clearing it with a licensed healthcare professional first. Not a substitute for medical advice.

Video: Help prevent back pain with this 1-Leg Deadlift

Make sure you clear this w your doctor first. Strengthening these back muscles really can help you prevent back pain.

Denver Chiropractor’s wife returns to slopes after major injury

Many of you probably remember that my wife Meredith blew out her knee skiing last year and had reconstructive surgery (ACL). Well, she made it back to the slopes this past Friday after a year of rehab, ART, and chiropractic care. Injuries heal, and we can help you with yours.


(Video from our Denver Chiropractor): This stretch can help prevent back pain, hip pain, and sciatica

The “buddy” piriformis stretch from Glenn Hyman on Vimeo.

Denver Chiropractor enjoyed watching the big game, now back to work.

While our #1 team will always be the Broncos, Philly is still in our hearts (I’m from there). Here are the boys and I before the game. My 72-year-old Dad was very happy to finally see his team win the Super Bowl. We hope you all had a great weekend.

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Our Denver Chiropractor is Back from Snowmass (pic): appointments available today!

We’re back in the office after my family and I took a long weekend in the Aspen-Snowmass area. Since we’re still not ready to ski (waiting for some better snow to build up), we went snowshoeing. Man, is that an awesome workout. If you want to get your heart rate up without pounding on your joints, try snowshoeing in a hilly area. Wow!

Our schedule is getting pretty full for the rest of this week, so If you want to come see us, call us today: 303.300.0424 and we will get you in. We’ve opened a few extra spots today (Thurs 1/25) and tomorrow (Friday 1/26).

(Video) Denver Chiropractor shows you 2 easy exercises to prevent low back pain

These 2 quick and easy exercises can help prevent low back pain. Take a look…



Denver Chiropractor filling up for the weekend

Meredith and I, both pretty much recovered from big injuries this year have been running more and more. (She tore her ACL in January and I broke my ankle in May.) Being active as you’re getting older like we are means more aches and pains and more stretching and more chiropractic care to keep going.

Our schedule is filling up for the weekend. If something’s aching on you, call us today- 303.300.0424 – and we will get you in.
We can help you with:

We are back from a great Thanksgiving weekend and ready to help you.

We had a great long Thanksgiving weekend and we are back in the office to help you. Just call us 303.300.0424 or use our Contact Us page.

The best kept sports secret in Denver…

This is my little guy (Zach) and I at the DU hockey game this past Saturday night. It’s a great rink, the team plays great hockey- they are the defending national champions-, it’s easy to get to, and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to go. If you like hockey and don’t love paying a fortune to watch the last place Avalanche, this might be the place for you.