The doctors at Denver Chiropractic Center can help you with shoulder pain and rotator cuff problems.

Do you have pain in the shoulder joint (rotator cuff)?

Pain in the shoulder joint can be caused by many different structures. There are muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and bones in the area. Because we have so much movement in the shoulder, there is less stability. This makes it prone to injury. We have found that the majority of shoulder joint problems that we see are caused by over-used muscles that have become short stiff and painful. When the muscles are short and stiff, the position of the arm in the socket changes and increases stress in the joint. This creates a cycle of stress-injury-stress that can make this problem last for years.

How does this happen?

Obviously, we use our arms a lot. Some things that cause the muscles of the shoulder girdle to become short, stiff and painful include:

  • Poor weight lifting technique
  • Throwing
  • Poor mobility in the thoracic spine
  • Sleeping with your arm above your head
  • Falling on an out-stretched arm

What does Dr. Glenn Hyman do to treat this problem?

Since this condition is often related to shortness and stiffness in specific muscles, each muscle in the area must be examined carefully. This takes time and requires detailed knowledge of the anatomy of the area. Since this joint is under so much stress, scar tissue frequently builds up and contributes to the problem.

Releasing the scar tissue and restoring the muscles’ normal condition is just the first step. Dr. Hyman and Dr. Stripling do this by applying gentle tension to the muscle and combining that with specific movements. This is known as Active Release Technique® , which we are both certified to provide. If the joints in your thoracic spine are stiff and contributing to the problem, they may be adjusted. The combination of Active Release Technique® and gentle adjusting can restore your body’s ability to move fully, freely and without pain.

You must take steps to stretch and strengthen the area. We will show you stretches and simple exercises to promote normal function of the joint. It is often necessary to discuss which activities are causing the problem and modify performance technique.

Do the doctors treat post-surgical cases?

Yes. We frequently see patients after rotator cuff, SLAP tear and other shoulder surgeries. We quite frankly see many cases where Physical Therapy has failed to restore patients to full activity and/or full ranges of motion. Usually scar tissue is to blame, and our experience with Active Release Techniques makes us uniquely qualified to further your recovery.

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