The doctors at Denver Chiropractic Center can help you get rid of pain between the shoulder blades (scapulae).

What’s causing your pain between the shoulder blades?

Pain between the shoulder blades is most commonly caused by over-working and under-stretching the muscles that connect the shoulder blades to the neck and spine. If you are doing anything that requires use of the hands while sitting, these muscles are constantly contract to hold your arms in place. This is a tremendous strain to the muscles. Over time, they become shortened, stiff and can be very painful. These muscles also become short and painful from injuries, like car accidents.

How does this happen?

Some things that cause these muscles to become short, stiff and painful include:

  • Sitting at a desk (with or without a computer)
  • Driving
  • Poor posture
  • Cycling
  • Injuries
  • Age (sorry)

What do the doctors at Denver Chiropractic Center do to treat this problem?

First we check the muscles in the area. Identifying and correcting the specific muscles that have become short, stiff and painful is the key to getting rid of this problem. The constant strain to this area causes scar tissue to build-up. This not only shortens muscles, but causes them to become adhered to other muscles. Since there are many muscles that run in different directions, this can be a significant factor.

Releasing the scar tissue and restoring the muscles’ normal condition is just the first step. I do this by applying gentle tension to the muscle and combining that with specific movements. This is known as Active Release Technique®, which we are both certified to provide. If the joints in your neck and mid-back are stiff and contributing to the problem, they may be adjusted. The combination of Active Release Technique®  and gentle adjusting can restore your body’s ability to move fully, freely and without pain.

You must take steps to stretch and reduce the strain to the area. We will show you stretches and give you advice about your specific condition to help prevent the problem from coming back.

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