Can Job Stress Make You Sick?

An analysis of data collected from nearly 12,000 workers suggests that high levels of work-related stress may increase an individual’s risk for sick leave due to mental health disorders. During a five-year period, researchers found that about 8% of the workers in the study took mental health sick leave and those with demanding jobs, high job strain, and little social support at work were the most likely to need time away from work to resolve mental health issues. The authors of the study write, “Interventions to reduce sick leave due to mental disorders that focus on improving the psychosocial work environment, especially reducing high psychosocial job demands, may prove effective.”
Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, July 2015

Chiropractor for Headaches: Can Migraines Be Caused By a Neck Problem?

For some patients with migraine headaches, treatments aimed at alleviating nerve compression in the neck may lead to reduced headache severity and frequency, or even lasting relief. This adds to a growing body of research that some patients with migraine headaches may benefit from treatments intended to improve cervical function, such as chiropractic care.
Eplasty, June 2015

We start with a thorough exam, including X-Rays to help determine the alignment of your neck and how this may be related to your headaches. Then, if we believe that chiropractic care is appropriate for your case, we will use a combination of chiropractic adjustments and Active Release Soft Tissue Techniques to realign the spine a release tightness in the muscles.

If you have headaches, call us today at 303.300.0424

Seeing a Chiropractor: Many MDs Don’t Know Their Patients Receive Chiropractic Care.

According to a new report, many Americans with chronic pain who use utilize chiropractic services don’t discuss these treatments with their medical doctor. A survey of more than 6,000 patients revealed that 42% of those who used chiropractic care failed to mention the treatment to their family physician. Most of these individuals added that they would have gladly shared this information if their doctor asked. Lead author Dr. Charles Elder notes, “We want our patients to get better, so we need to ask them about the alternative and complementary approaches they are using. If we know what’s working and what’s not working, we can do a better job advising patients, and we may be able to recommend an approach they haven’t tried.”
American Journal of Managed Care, July 2015

Denver Chiropractor Dr. Glenn Hyman’s Race Report – Xterra Snow Mountain Ranch 2015

This Past Saturday I lined up with the other racers at Snow Mountain Ranch Resort near Winter Park at another Xterra Race (#3 for me this season, #27 in my race career). The race is called Xterra Snow Mountain Ranch, but I think they should call it Xterra Winter Park.

Anyway, we took off into a chilly 63 degree swim through grassy water at around 9AM. The weather was great and I got through the 1000m swim in 19:39, more than 3 minutes faster than last year. The bike trails up there are great (I don’t know if it’s open to mountain bikes outside of this race, but I hope it is, because the riding is great in there). As always, lots of climbing, lots of rocky descents and lots of fun. I biked in 1:48:45, around 11 minutes faster than last year.



That’s a rare action-pic of me on the bike. Off to the run after the bike. Not going to lie: I kind of hit the wall – racers know what I mean – and my legs felt like they weighed a hundred pounds each. It took me a less-than-awesome 50 minutes to cover the 4 somewhat hilly miles (yikes, that’s awful). Anyway, I finished in 3:04:54, over 14 minutes better than last year. Once again, I’ll take it.

Next up for me is Xterra Buffalo Creek August 22nd, where I’ll be a part of one of the many relay teams proudly representing my triathlon club – Altitude Multisport Club. I’ll be riding the bike leg – 22 miles on the MTB. Maybe see you up there?