Month: August 2010

Getting ready for Xterra Lory

After none of the kids slept at the hotel in Breckenridge, I decided it would be better to get up at 4:45 AM on Sunday to drive to Fort Collins. This instead of staying at the Marriott in FC the night before. This is my last race of the season, so I’m looking forward to letting it all hang out, so to speak.

I actually hurt my foot at work, but screw it. I’m racing anyway. It’s always so odd to me when triathlon season comes to an end (at least for me).  All the prep that started January 2 seems like it started just a few weeks ago.Anyway, check back next week for a race report. Hopefully, I’ll have some pics.

After this, I’ll be getting ready for the Ironman World Championships in Kona (Big Island, Hawaii). No, not racing. I’ll be part of the Active Release team treating the athletes in the week leading up to the race. So plan on watching this blog between 10/2 and 10/9 for lots of photos.

Update- I made the foot much worse at the Rockies game with the family the night before the race. I was O-U-T on race day. Oh well. There’s always next year…

Easy fat loss by going gluten-free

I decided to get strict with the gluten free diet about 4 weeks ago. I simply cut all wheat out of my diet, like I’ve suggested to so many of my Natural Treatment Program patients. I dropped about 6 pounds of fat since then without doing anything else differently. Granted, I’m still training for the Xterra Lory triathlon, and still working with my Russian Kettlebells.

For the record, I give myself one cheat meal per week.

Many people misunderstand gluten. Gluten is a type of protein found in certain grains. For some reason, some people are not able to digest this protein. They lack an enzyme – called transglutaminase – that breaks down gluten. The deficiency of the enzyme usually correlates with the severity of symptoms. The less you make, the worse you feel.

Since lab testing for gluten intolerance is inaccurate, the simplest way to assess yourself is to stop eating gluten containing grains – primarily wheat, and avoid processed foods. After about 2 weeks, take note of how you feel. Many people drop fat without trying, improve thier digestion, sleep better, are less moody, etc.

I’ve tried going gluten-free before, but this is the most effort I’ve ever put into it, and I feel a difference. By the way, the blood test I had at my MD’s office said I had no problem with gluten. So who’s right?

Remembering Dr. Phil Bammer

I found out yesterday (8/9/10) that my friend & colleague Dr. Phil Bammer died suddenly of a heart attack on Saturday (8/7).

Phil was a good friend of mine. The kind of buddy who understood a foul-mouthed guy from New Jersey like me. He was definitely a person whose professional opinion I valued and a person in my life that I will miss.

Last time I saw Phil we were flying back from Vegas in May after teaching an ART seminar. He somehow talked the Frontier lady into moving me up to the front of the plane next to him. We had a couple of beers which he insisted on buying. We made vague plans to get together and practice ART protocols so we could keep getting better.

We shook hands after we got out of the airport, and that was it.

I knew him as the kind of person who would drop everything to help a buddy, a great ART instructor who cared about whether each person he worked with learned what he was teaching, and a person who always had something funny to say. I’ve been hearing stories from his patients about Phil going out of his way to make sure a patient knew how to lift weight correctly, and Phil travelling to the Pepsi center to treat an injured high school wrestler. None of us can believe that he’s gone. Teaching for Active Release (we were both instructors who taught together frequently) will never be the same.

Phil, my friend, you will be missed.


 Me, Mike Leahy, Faye Jones, and Phil in 2002

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Return of the Kettlebell (2011)

Update – Dragondoor says I’d have to start back at Level 1, which I think is ridiculous. So I’m not sure I’m going to bother recertfiying with them. Have the swing, clean, snatch, press, get up, and squat changed so much that I need to pay $1800 to re-learn them?

Original post:

I’ve decided that I am going to renew my kettlebell certification next year in at the RKC . The requirements are kids of tough. 100 snatches with the 53 pound kettlebell in 5 minutes. Clean and press the kettlebell closest to 1/2 of my bodyweight (the 88lb bell). A strict pullup with a 53 pounder hanging on my foot. Double kb jerks with two 53 pounders. Sounds like fun! April, 2011: plenty of time to train.

I’m skipping Xterra Indian Peaks this weekend to attend a Selective Functional Movement Assesment workshop. This will help me do an even better job helping all of you.