Myomed coming to Denver Chiropractic Center

We will soon be offering Myomed Fast pain relief cream at our clinic. We know this stuff is hard to find in Denver, so look no more. $16 + tax.

Next Month’s Newsletter-Barefoot Running

Yes, the March issue of the Dr. Glenn Report will focus on my month-long experiment with barefoot running. No, it’s not because I read the book Born To Run. I’ve been talking about barefoot bodyweight training for a long time.

Denver Chiropractic Center February 2010 Newsletter

The Feburary 2010 Denver Chiropractic Center Newsletter – The Dr. Glenn Report – is on the website.

You can download it here:

In this issue-

Dr. Glenn, Triathlon Season 3

Pull-ups, Bodyweight training for a strong back and healthy shoulders

How to get your aging hips moving in the morning

Who else wants 2 FREE massages?

Clinic newsletters now on the Denver Chiropractic Center site!

For those of you (and there are many) who’ve asked for copies of the paper and ink newsletters, we’ve decided to post the pdf files on the site.

The January issue is up, and February is coming soon.

Inside the January 2010 issue:

My New Year’s Resolution – to take time off!

Strengthening your feet with bodyweight exercises.

Mastering the Pushup for strength

The Top 10 problems that I treat in my office

Insurance we accpet / office hours